Enjoy a Guilty Pleasure Getaway in the Adirondacks

We all dream of luxurious vacations, drool over the mouth-watering meals and cocktails on Instagram, bemoan our aches and pains, and crave a closet overhaul. Luckily, the Adirondacks can satisfy all your guilty pleasure desires. Stop daydreaming about your perfect escape and start planning a getaway to the Adirondacks with these five guilt-free trip ideas.

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You love your life – your career job, comfortable home, and beautiful family – but you yearn for something more. You dream of luxurious vacations to exciting destinations. You drool over the mouth-watering meals and artisanal cocktails you see on your Instagram feed. Your neck aches your closet could use a serious overhaul. Don't feel badly – it's all normal! Luckily, the Adirondacks can satisfy all your guilty pleasure desires. Stop daydreaming about your perfect escape and plan a guilty pleasure getaway to the Adirondacks.

Enjoy a Night Away

Is there anything more restorative than a good night's sleep in a cozy king bed with silky soft sheets and freshly plumped hotel pillows? Add in waking up to a beautiful mountain or lake view from your personal balcony and starting your day with a delicious, fresh breakfast made by expert chefs and you have an Adirondack getaway! With the perfect mix of natural beauty and local culture, and over a century of experience with high-class hospitality, the Adirondack region is the perfect retreat for a weekend escape. Book a room in a classic Adirondack lodge for a taste of gilded age luxury, or opt for a more modern experience at a resort or hotel. While you're there, make sure you spend some time exploring the following luxuries of the region as well.

Indulge in Craft Beverages

Sit back and relax with a glass of the good stuff. In the Adirondacks, you will find a surprisingly wide variety of breweries, wineries, and distilleries. If you're a fan of the hopped stuff, set off on a regional tour of craft microbreweries, many of which use locally-sourced hops to flavor their award-winning brews. If you prefer grapes to grains, stop by an Adirondack winery and sample robust wines made from the hearty, cold-weather grapes that flourish in the North Country. Pull up a seat in a cozy tasting room to try a variety of flavors, or choose a glass of your favorite and sip to your heart's content. Or, embrace the wild spirit of the region by visiting a local distillery. From clear concoctions like vodka and gin to smoky, barrel-aged bourbons and whiskeys, Adirondack distillers know how to make craft spirits that are as enjoyable in a cocktail as they are straight from a glass.

Sate Your Appetite with Farm Fresh Food

While the Adirondack region is better known for its rugged mountains, pristine waterways, and protected forests, it is also home to incredibly lush farmland. Adirondack agriculture is a tourist attraction all its own, providing a farm-fresh experience that is sure to excite as much as it satisfies. Get a taste of flavorful, natural produce grown by local farmers in rich, fertile soil. Sample melt-in-your-mouth artisan cheese made from fresh cow, sheep, and goat milk. Feel good about being a carnivore knowing your grass-fed meat came from humanely raised stock on loving family farms. Last, but certainly not least, satisfy your sweet tooth with golden maple goodies made in local sugar shacks from the sap of nearby maple trees. Plan an Adirondack gastro-tour to visit the farms themselves, or dine at a locally-inspired restaurant to enjoy these various flavors crafted into culinary masterpieces.

Pamper Yourself at a Spa

Let the stress of your everyday life melt away when you spend the day at an Adirondack spa. Accompanied by some of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in New York, you will find spas that exceed expectations and leave you in a dream-like state. Reward your hard-working body with a relaxing deep tissue or hot stone massage. Lounge in a bubbling hot tub before finding serenity in a specialty facial or body treatment. Include a stop at the salon for a fresh haircut, manicure, and pedicure and you will leave looking – and feeling – like a brand new you. You deserve to feel your best. Leave the guilt at the door and embrace a spa experience.

Treat Yourself and Shop 'til You Drop

Find the perfect souvenir to remember your Adirondack adventure, or gather the girls and go on an all-out shopping spree. In small communities throughout the region, you will find unique works by extraordinarily talented artisans and craftspeople in boutique shops lining picturesque main streets. Take home a one-of-a-kind pack basket, an intricate woodcraft, or a breath-taking work of art. For a more traditional shopping experience, visit the outlets in Lake George, where you will find unbeatable prices on name-brand clothing and home goods. Plattsburgh offers a true mall experience, as well as an extensive commercial drive, accompanied by an abundance of dining options where you can refuel between purchases. Or, stroll through Lake Placid's bustling downtown for a mix of local vendors and big-name outlets.

Guilt is overrated. Enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of the Adirondacks with a clear conscience. It's the relaxing escape your mind and body need to tackle your everyday life with renewed vigor. Stop dreaming and start planning your Adirondack guilty pleasure getaway today.

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