Fishing the Adirondacks

I love fishing in the Adirondacks because there are so many different opportunities to catch quality fish in the Adirondacks, whether it's the chance to catch a 20+ pound lake trout out of Lake George or a 17" brook trout from one of the many remote ponds that the Adirondacks have to offer.

Bob Scott

I don't think I have one favorite place to fish in the Adirondacks; I enjoy the adventure of finding new places that I have never fished, and in the Adirondacks, those adventures are endless. Maybe one day when I have fished every lake, pond, and stream in the Adirondacks I will find my favorite. I do love catching lake trout because of their endurance and those drag screaming runs that they love to take. 

My best memory of fishing in the Adirondacks would have to go to spring hill pond, not so much because of the fishing, but because of the adventure that we endured to get there. My father had always told the story of "how the big one got away" at Spring Hill Pond, so one day I convinced him to take me there, little did we know this would turn into a three-day adventure. With our canoe and fishing rods in hand we set off on our six-mile hike to Spring Hill with high hopes of catching the big one that got away. However, somewhere along the way we took a wrong turn and god only knows where we ended up, but it was not at Spring Hill Pond.

The second day we came back more prepared with every map imaginable but still we could not find Spring Hill. Finally, on the third day we made it! We had a great day fishing, but we did not catch the big one that got away. It wasn't the fishing that made the memories, for me it was the time spent with my father and getting to explore uncharted ground. Being able to explore small ponds on streams with my father and fish in waters that may never have been fished before is what creates lasting memories for me.

Adirondack Ice Fishing

I enjoy ice fishing because of the accessibility and the limited amount of equipment you need to be successful. More times than not you will see me on the ice with just a jig pole, auger, and of course my vexilar. Even if I only have an hour to fish, I can sneak over to the lake and catch a few. You don't have to trailer your boat over to the lake you can just walk out and start fishing.

In the winter, my go-to place is definitely Lake George. Once the ice is safe ice on Lake George, I will spend 3-4 days a week fishing there. I enjoy fishing Lake George because it is hands-down the best lake trout fishery in our area. Not only can you catch an abundance of trout, but you have the chance of catching a 20+ pound fish on any given day. For open water fishing I enjoy going to Jabe Pond for the big brook trout and the wildlife. There are usually loons on the pond who seem to be more curious of you than afraid.

I use many tackle setups when fishing in the Adirondacks, from small pins minnow for small ponds and streams, white tub jigs for lake trout and as a fly fisherman, the mayfly hatch is one that you don't want to miss on the back Adirondack ponds.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone coming to fish in the Adirondacks, if would be: Don't be afraid to explore, because when you do un-ordinary things or go to un-ordinary places that's when you catch extraordinary fish and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Bob Scott
Bob Scott lives just outside of the Adirondacks in Poultney, VT. He works in the Lodge Department at Dicks Sporting Goods, and is starting a company called CatchMeOutdoors which is an online booking agency geared toward the outdoor industry.
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