Adirondack Sunsets

There is nothing that compares to the perfect sunset. No matter where you are in the world, be it on the rooftop of a hotel in Chicago, on the beach in Bermuda, or in your kids' treehouse in the backyard, sunsets always manage to take your breath away. But sunsets in the mountains are special. As the colors deepen and the mountain tops darken, not even a camera can capture the true beauty, but these "Adirondackers" have sure tried. 

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Sunset From the Summit of Nippletop
I have had a pretty discouraging winter, lots of failed attempts, tons of trail breaking, TONS of snow and no views today. but today gave me hope. I'm currently attempting to hike the 46 high peaks in the three months of winter. I had given up with 23 high peaks done. Dylan (another hiking buddy) and I decided since the weather looked so good we needed to go sunrise hiking. He needed Dial and Nippletop for his winter round so we caught sunrise on the summit of Nippletop! It was absolutely amazing and refueled my hope! -Amanda Riggs

Indian Lake
This photo is of Ernie Fleury. He is my father-in-law and he is a lifelong Adirondacker born and raised in Malone area. This picture was taken on Indian Lake Owls Head, on his 80th birthday June 28, 2007. He will be back to the lake this summer to celebrate his 90th birthday. –Bill Keneaster

Brant Lake
Taken in our back yard which is directly on the lake in Brant Lake on Route 8, they were taken last July 2016. When we spend time at the lake and when we see a sunset like these, we really feel at peace and feel closest to Heaven and to our loved ones who have passed, as soon as we get to the house we immediately feel at ease, we live full time down in Westchester County, 25 min outside of New York City and the hustle and bustle are a daily thing, but up here we breathe better, sleep better, laugh more, enjoy time with our family and best friends and just enjoy what life is really about: "The love we have for family, friends, and nature" –Julie and Bobby Maloney

Golden Beach Campground
This photo was taken July 1, 2016 at Golden Beach Campground near Raquette Lake, during our family vacation. The photo was taken from our lakefront campsite #186 just after we also took a setting sun family photo in the same spot. I wanted to wait until just the perfect moment as the sun touched the horizon. It gives fond memories of a very relaxing vacation! We have been visiting the Adirondacks at least 3-4 times a year for the last 27 years as we only live a couple of hours south. It’s the perfect close getaway! Always beautiful, always great memories! –Haley Holl

Lake George
It was taken right in the center of Lake George where the docks are between the docking birth for the Lake George Steamboat Company and the Shore Line Cruises. It was taken just this past summer on July 30th. The unspoiled beauty of nature in the Adirondacks keeps me visiting over and over again! I also love relaxing and capturing the magnificent views, the ever changing colors of the landscape, and the striking awesomeness of the stars at night! You can only have this kind of experience in the Adirondacks! It is truly special and amazing. –Christina Krasovsky

Great South Lake
There nothing like a perfect sunset. Taken in early January on the GSL. Embracing the perfect sunset to me is very relaxing because every minute the photograph was improving. I stood out there next to my snowmobile in -10 degree weather with the wind blowing and holding on to my wireless remote that snapped a photograph every 3 minutes as the sun slowly set and the hues became more vibrant. In spite of the wind, I was hoping the camera, and its tripod were still standing in its place with some remaining battery life. Even though it was brisk that day I had a gut feeling I was in for one colorful sunset. –Charles Petoff

Stillwater Reservoir
This photo was taken on the Stillwater Reservoir (Independence River area) at camp site 18 in mid-June 2016. It was a beautiful couple of days camping, I could see this view from my Hammock and the photo was taken on the bank just a few feet from it at the very last minute I saw it and quickly grabbed my camera. A few minutes later it was dark out. I can't imagine a better view to go to sleep to or wake up to. What do I think of when I look at it? Just comfort. It was a “no electronics” camping trip and it makes me happy knowing places like this still exist. –Arthur Mclasky

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