Taking the Fire Tower Challenge

My name is Rebecca Nichols, and I am the HikingAdkChick. Despite the fact that I live outside of the Blue Line – just outside mind you – you're more likely to find me hiking in the Adirondacks than puttering around my yard.

Rebecca Nichols

I have climbed countless mountains, from the foothills to the High Peaks, and though I've been an avid camper and snowshoer since I was wee, my passion for hiking only started in the spring of 2013. Yes, I've climbed all those mountains in less than a year. I'm kinda hooked, what can I say?

I decided that this would begin with a hike and my first expedition into the mountains clocked in at 7.2 miles roundtrip. Not bad for a beginner!

From the first step, I was hooked. I felt renewed and drawn to the mountains by the fresh air and the quiet – it was fulfilling and exciting. The following weekend I headed out again, this time to Kane Mountain in the southern Adirondacks. A fire tower graces the summit, which offers beautiful views of Canada Lake. It's a short, one mile roundtrip hike from the trailhead on Green Lake Road, making it a great hike for beginners.

Throughout last spring and early summer, I hiked all over the Southern Adirondacks, hitting places like Good Luck Cliffs, Hadley Mountain, Crane Mountain and Nine Corner Lake (also a great place to boulder). Eventually, I decided to participate in the Adirondack Mountain Club's Fire Tower Challenge, and then decided to work toward becoming a 46er. But those are tales for another day.

I enjoy hitting the trails solo, but I'm equally happy when my family joins me. I'll share my passion for the mountains with anyone, and am a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club. I am also a member of several hiking/mountaineering forums and groups where I have made friends with many other hikers, and I've learned that there's something special about the mountaineering community. Everyone looks out for everyone else, stranger or not, and there is a trust that you build with your fellow hikers. To me, this is an unlooked-for and special bonus.

Hiking has brought me so many things, from inner peace, to a sense of accomplishment and a mental and physical strength I never knew I had. I tell everyone that it only took me 37 years to find my passion, but I look forward to sharing many more stories about my hiking experiences in the Adirondacks. Stay tuned.

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Rebecca Nichols
Rebecca Nichols is the HikingAdkChic, and as such, she is an avid hiker who enjoys pushing her limits. She escapes on the trail and finds renewal in nature with every step to the summit.
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