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Summer in the Adirondacks

Summer in the Adirondacks offers peak adventure, whether on the trail, in the water, or strolling some charming downtown in the middle of the mountains. Everything is leafy, green, and abundant. Get out on one of our numerous lakes, ponds, or rivers, and enjoy the feel of the sun and the relief of jumping into the water to cool off. Explore hiking trails that wind to summits, offering as-far-as-the-eye-can-see views, or head to one of our top attractions for family-friendly adventure. Find main streets lined with shops and restaurants, and plenty of farmers’ markets where the seasonal bounty of the Adirondacks is yours to take home.

Adirondack Mountain summer landscape
girl in a fire tower during a summer hike in the Adirondacks

Summer Hiking

Summer is a busy hiking season in the Adirondacks. Hit the trails early and enjoy the views!

Beaches to Visit

Beaches to Visit

There are public beaches dotting lakeshores all over the Adirondacks. Perfect places for friends and families to enjoy some fun in the sun!

island camping in the Adirondacks

Island Camping

Girl with towel

Secret Swimming Holes

Looking for uncrowded, less-known swimming holes in the Adirondacks? Check out our list of secret beaches, rivers, ponds, and waterfalls perfect for taking a dip to cool off.

Ausable Brewing Company in the Adirondacks

Breweries & Distilleries

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