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Introducing Our 10 Regions of the Adirondacks represents 10 distinct regions, collectively referred to as “The Adirondacks,” each offering their own brand of Adirondack adventure.

The Adirondack region is located in northeastern New York state, ranging from Lake George all the way up to Plattsburgh and the border, and over to the Malone area, and named after the famous Adirondack Mountains. Here you can hike the High Peaks through the Lake Placid, Whiteface, and Adirondack Hub Regions, paddle the extensive waterways of the Adirondack Frontier Region, cycle between wineries on the Adirondack Coast Region, attend fabulous annual events in the Lake George Region, dive to sunken shipwrecks near the Canadian border in the Adirondack Seaway Region, snowmobile through the Adirondacks Tug Hill Region, discover historical sites in the Lake Champlain Region, and explore some of the most remote areas of the Adirondack Park in the Adirondack Experience Region.

Spanning more than six million acres, the Adirondack Mountains are home to the largest protected natural area in the lower 48 of the United States, featuring peaks, lakes, rivers, valleys, cliffs, and over 100 welcoming communities. 

Below, you will find a brief introduction of each of the 10 districts, their location, and a link to learn more detailed information about each area.

Adirondack Coast Region

Adirondack Frontier Region

Adirondack Seaway Region

Adirondack Experience Region

Adirondack Hub Region

Adirondacks Tug Hill Region