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Spring Surges in the Adirondacks

Come spring, Adirondack mountainscapes come alive with the vibrant neon green of budding oak, maple, birch and hickory trees. Streams and rivers swell with the added volume of melting snow. And the Adirondack Scenic Byways provide ideal paths for taking in the surge of new life.

Take to the trails, and you'll discover how the damp forest floors create an ideal, shady bed for wildflowers, such as bunchberry, wild columbine and pink lady’s slipper. However you choose to explore the haven of pristine wilderness, please follow the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace to preserve this unparalleled natural wonder for generations to come. #LOVEYOURADK 

Endless mountain vistas
Kayaker in the Adirondacks
Summit views
Exhibit at the wild center

Walk on the Wild Side

Named #1 Science Museum by USA Today, the Wild Center’s beautiful 115-acre campus is home hundreds of live animals. See otters, porcupines, turtles and more in the center's expansive, indoor exhibit space. Outside, explore a four-story twig treehouse, walking bridges that stretch up to treetops, and more.

Flight of Craft Beer

Cure your cabin fever

Hit the road and explore the variety of brews, spirits and other beverages crafted in New York’s northernmost corners. New York State’s northernmost craft breweries and distilleries are lively places to visit with friends, make new ones, and enjoy live music or trivia nights.

Day Hike in the ADKs

Plan your path

When hiking in spring, best practice is to stay below 2,500 feet. Check out our comprehensive hiking guide–Great Walks & Day Hikes of the Adirondacks–for tips and in-depth information on doable day hikes throughout the region. More than 2,000 miles of scenic trails await you here!

A Never-Never Land of Wonder

Four seasons of adventure and events in New York's Adirondacks

No matter the season, Adirondack communities love to celebrate with annual events that highlight the unique experiences and opportunities that the region has to offer. Experience the wonder of the Adirondacks.

Learn about seasonal highlights to plan a trip to the Adirondacks in springsummer, fall and winter. Or experience it all! 

Things To Do In The Adirondack Regions

The Adirondack Regions feature over 100 welcoming communities, mountains, lakes, verdant valleys, and steep cliffs. Spanning more than six million acres, the Adirondack Mountains are home to the largest protected natural area in the lower 48 of the United States. Like a patchwork quilt, the Adirondacks are made up of ten distinct regional destinations, each offering their own brand of Adirondack adventure.

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