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Hudson Gorge Wilderness

The 24,477 acres of the Hudson Gorge Wilderness and Polaris Mountain Primitive Area are located in the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Much of the wilderness is characterized by low mountains and the valleys between. The Hudson River runs through the center of the wilderness and creates its awe inspiring namesake - the Hudson Gorge. The gorge is known for the rugged beauty of the steep cliffs that climb up on either side of the many rapids and cascades of the river. Related to the gorge are the 200+ foot high OK Slip Falls and the unique Blue Ledges, located on the south side of the Hudson River. OK Slip Falls Trail leaves the Whortleberry Pond Trail a half mile from the trailhead the two trails share and extends another 2.6 miles to an overlook of one of the highest waterfalls in the Adirondacks. The total distance between the trail and OK Slip Falls is 3.1 miles. The trail gently rises and falls for the first 1.5 miles until it reaches a dirt road that provides access to a private inholding. A short distance up the road the trail enters the woods and descends 230 feet to an overlook of the falls. Offering hiking, fishing, camping and more.