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Adirondack Cabins & Cottages

Picture this: you turn off the main road onto an unpaved path that disappears into a thick forest of evergreen trees. After a few moments immersed in the emerald canopy, you spot a small wood cabin up ahead. You get out of the car and, entering through the back door, find yourself surrounded by the warm glow of rich golden wood. A fireplace sits in the corner, whispering promises of a warm, cozy fire. You walk out the front door onto an expansive deck flanked with Adirondack chairs. Looking out you are greeted with the most magnificent view of surrounding mountains, tall pines, and glistening water. You have arrived at your Adirondack cabin.

man enjoying fireplace in an Adirondack cabin

This is just one of many unforgettable experiences you can anticipate when you book an Adirondack cabin retreat. If it sounds like an Instagram dream come true, that's because it is! Take a break from the stress and hustle of your every day and find relaxation and rejuvenation in remote, picturesque wilderness. Treat yourself to a much-needed vacation, find romance with your special someone, or gather the entire family together. Get off the main road, or stay in the center of an Adirondack town. Whatever your style, remote cabins, rustic-chic homes, and magnificent mountain retreats await in the Adirondacks.

Types of Adirondack Resorts

Lakeside Stays

Lake life is the good life. In warm summer months, a lakeside cabin provides more than just a view – it's instant access to endless recreation! Paddle away from the dock, put in your own boat, dive headfirst into pristine waters, or hook a tale-worthy catch. In winter months, when the water freezes into a glistening sheet, skate figure eights into the ice or start a game of pick-up pond hockey.

Book one of the 23 rustic cabins at Timberlock and recreate on half a mile of Indian Lake shoreline. You'll have flashbacks of summer camp staying in their cabin bunks with propane lights illuminating the night and a wood stove keeping you warm. Families will love the Long Pond Cabins in Willsboro, where 19 waterfront cottages overlook private docks and nearby farm stands supply fresh ingredients for Adirondack-inspired meals. Toti's Cottages, an angler's oasis, sits on the northernmost border of the Adirondacks and features boat slips, fish cleaning stations, and fully equipped cabins with private bathrooms and kitchens that sleep up to six. For a more romantic lakeside experience, book a Harbor Hill Cottage on the shores of Lake Flower. Within walking distance of Saranac Lake, these quaint, cozy cottages come in a range of sizes. Soak in a hot tub while you look out over the lake, or paddle your way down the channel to bigger waters.

Big and Beautiful

If you're looking for a more grandiose experience without losing the rustic aesthetic, consider booking a stay at an authentic Great Camp. Adirondack Great Camps began appearing in the Adirondacks in the late 1800s. Wealthy families from metropolitan areas built lavish camps throughout the region so they could retreat from busy professional lives and entertain affluent guests. These Great Camps were often built as entire complexes and featured unique architectural characteristics. While many have been abandoned over the years, several still welcome guests today and are the perfect fit for multi-family visitors and large groups.

Take a step back in time and stay at White Pine Camp, a classic Adirondack Great Camp. Built on the banks of Osgood Pond, this sprawling estate served as the 1926 summer White House for President Calvin Coolidge. In addition to sleeping cabins, the complex features a formal dining hall, boathouses, tennis courts, tea houses, and even a lakeside bowling alley!

The epitome of Adirondack elegance, Great Camp Sagamore, a National Historic Landmark, is perhaps the most impressive of the original Great Camps. Once the summer home of the Vanderbilts, the 27-building complex provides an unforgettable lodging experience – and there are lots of reasons to book a stay! Open from Memorial Day through mid-October, they host a myriad of events, including Fly Fishing Week, Craft Brewers Weekend, an annual gala, and more.

Nestled at the base of the Western High Peaks on 12,000 acres of privately owned forest preserve is Elk Lake Lodge. Though not a historic Great Camp, this complex embodies the same refinement in a pristinely wild place. Enjoy the peace, tranquility, and privacy of your own detached cabin, professionally prepared meals in the dining hall, a sprawling beach, and dock on pristine Elk Lake, and miles of private and public trails. Garnet Hill Lodge provides another elegant, modern retreat into the Adirondack wilderness. Located above Thirteenth Lake on 175 private acres, you won't find a TV or phone in any of the 25 rooms. Instead, you will find stunning views, cozy accommodations, and miles of private trails to explore.

Rustic Cabins

If you're a cabin purest, you might be looking for a classic log cabin or a backwoods dwelling with minimal amenities. You're in luck! There are endless adventure-worthy stays to satisfy your appetite. Retreat to Singing Mountain Adirondack Camp, a two-story log cabin with three bedrooms at the foot of Pettit Mountain. The propane-fueled cabin sleeps six and features a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room complete with a wood stove, an outdoor picnic area, and a fire pit. Or, head to Shady Pines, a secluded cabin on Lake Pleasant that sleeps 11. Relax after a long day of exploring on the screened-In porch, fire up the grill, gather around a bonfire in the evening, and enjoy water access from the docks.

Find a similar but more intimate experience at Blue Moose Cottage, a private two-bedroom cottage on Lake Abanakee. Lounge on the grassy yard or sandy beach, enjoy meals on the large deck or screened-in porch, and take advantage of the onsite boats for some water fun!

Modern Retreats

Minimal isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the Adirondack cabin experience. Instead, opt for a modern wilderness retreat and enjoy the outdoors with some added amenities. Instead of an off-the-grid cabin, stay in an Adirondack-style house. Insta-worthy houses can be found in and around every Adirondack town, providing a relaxing escape as well as a starting point for your next big adventure.

The Loft on Raquette Lake is an Adirondack-style housekeeping unit with two bedrooms and two bathrooms that sleeps six. Cozy up by the fireplace, share a meal in the furnished kitchen, and sweat your stress away in a Finnish sauna. All your Insta followers will be jealous when you book a stay at St. William's on Long Point. The unique, restored Catholic Church was built in 1890 on the site of the original town of Durant. After receiving a modern renovation, it now offers two buildings to accommodate up to 22 people and features a full kitchen and dining room. To add to its exclusivity, it can only be reached by boat!

As you sit in your Adirondack cabin, fire crackling before you and the call of loons echoing across the lake, take a deep breath. This is a place where stress melts away and the promise of nature's beauty and wild adventure takes its place. Embrace the Adirondack experience – book your cabin stay today!