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Road Cycling in the New York Adirondacks

The Adirondack Region is a premier destination for road biking and cycling.

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Adirondack Road Biking

Road biking is best when gliding on routes which stretch through the picturesque vistas the Adirondack Region has to offer. Pedal past deep Adirondack lakes, soaring mountain peaks and through pristine wilderness without leaving the road. Along the way, you'll travel through our charming villages, past farmer's markets - which make an excellent stop for lunch - and meet fellow road bikers.

Suit up for a multi-day scenic tour along the Lake Champlain Bikeway or take your road bike for a spin through Lake George. Fourteen New York Scenic Byways wind through the region's six-million-acres - through the Adirondack wild, along the St. Lawrence Seaway and down the Adirondack Coast.

Local bicycle shops provide maps, information, gear and more. Whether you're a first time visitor or a life-long cyclist - touring on two wheels is an incredible way to see this wild Adirondack wilderness.

  • Warren County Bikeway (PDF) - Download - A 12-mile bikeway stretching from downtown Glens Falls to Lake George Village. Includes information on the Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail.
  • Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail (PDF) - Download - A 9-mile trail following a section of the original 1820s canal system. Connects to the Warren County Bikeway.
  • Empire State Trail - The Champlain Valley Trail section of New York's Empire State Trail hugs the eastern side of the state and passes through Ticonderoga, Westport, Keeseville, Plattsburg and Rouse's Point. 
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Road Biking Guide To the Adirondack Regions

Lake Champlain Bikeways - Adirondack Coast
This network includes loops and tours ranging from 10 to 60 miles in length, in addition to the Champlain Bikeway, a 363-mile principal route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River to Chambly, Québec.

Mountain Biking - Tupper Lake Region
In upstate New York, Tupper Lake offers an abundance of mountain and road biking. There are many scenic byways and trails connecting surrounding towns, most notably the Adirondack Trail that is a direct passage between Tupper Lake and Malone.

Malone-Tupper Lake Adirondack Trail - Malone Region
The perfect atmosphere for locals and visitors alike, cycling in the Malone region includes exciting trails around Titus Mountain and a 188-mile scenic by-way leading right into the heart of the Adirondack Park.

St. Lawrence County - Adirondack Seaway
Whether you are a leisure rider looking for a nice country road to explore, or you are a hard-core distance cyclist looking for a challenging day-long trip; St. Lawrence County has the best of both to discover.

Moose River Plains - Adirondack Experience It! Region
You'll find mountain and road biking routes in Hamilton County. Admittedly, there are more mountain biking routes in this area than road cycling routes, because so much of the Adirondack Experience It! Region is comprised of public land. Challenge yourself on the hills or power through the Moose River Plains.

Mt. Pisgah - Saranac Lake Region
The Saranac Lake Region boasts some of the best cycling in the area. From the mud-covered trails on Mt. Pisgah to the Franklin Falls Loop, there is something for everyone.

Whiteface Mountain Bike Park - Lake Placid Region
Whiteface Mountain Bike Park offers riding for all abilities and styles of riding, from hardcore downhill to gentle cruisers, great cross-country trails and everything in between. A total of 27 very different trails, and the most vertical in the east with a whopping 2,476 feet.

The Adirondack Rail Trail - Lake Placid Region

The Adirondack Rail Trail is a multi-use recreation trail spanning 34 miles, connecting Lake Placid, Ray Brook, Saranac Lake, Lake Clear, and Tupper Lake. Designed with accessibility in mind, the path features a gentle grade, making it welcoming to a wide range of ages and abilities. The trail is free to use, and can be enjoyed by foot, bike, ski, or snowshoe. The section of the Adirondack Rail Trail from Lake Placid to Tupper Lake opened in 2024, and the Saranac Lake to Tupper Lake section is slated to open in 2025.

Gore Mountain Ski Resort - Lake George Region
Enjoy challenging road cycling terrain in and around the North Creek NY area, or switch to a mountain bike or BMX to ride down the mountain. The Gore off-road trail is serviced by the Northwoods Gondola, descends 1700 feet vertical.

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Tips to Prep for a Long Road Biking Trip

  1. You and your bike should be in good condition before the trip to avoid hiccups and unwanted stops in between.
  2. Good condition also means properly inflated tires and a recently lubricated chain, all of which will make your ride easier and more pleasant.
  3. Carry the basic bike tools and an extra tube.
  4. As obvious as it might sound, make sure you wear your helmet since safety comes first!
  5. Bring extra money – just in case.

Make sure to carry the basic biker's tools, a pump and a couple of extra tubes, especially if you have a road bike, because sometimes you will be riding on a gravel road and might end up with a flat tire and that is not fun! Bring enough drinkable water and some energy bars and snacks.

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Mountain Biking in the Adirondacks

More New York Bicycling Information

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